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  1. Alli Fox says:

    Oh my! I feel like a proud momma seeing how far “Snapshots” has come since year one. From its very humble beginnings in that janky little theater at Westin LAX, to its 7th year in a bona fide Hollywood theater with its own super snazzy website. Nicki, Lara & the amazing cast and crew~ thanks for carrying on this amazing tradition and your help in saving the boobies! (Scales & Valera- a special shout out to you boys for being a part since the beginning. Seven years?? Whaaat??)

  2. Kathleen Lungren Jobe says:

    This website looks fantastic, as does this upcoming show! Looking forward to another year of some exceptional writing, acting, directing and producing!!

  3. Eva Foran Mayer says:

    Stopping in to wish the crew all the best on your Opening Night —
    As you all prepare for your Friday show tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be having my 6th chemo treatment.

    I’ll be sending you all good vibes for a performance … big Canadian hugs to each.

    a friend, a fan

  4. Sue B. says:

    Snapshots and all who have been / are involved with it over the years – ROCKS! :)

    Sue – supporter from Indiana

  5. Terence says:

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  6. Would love to create some complimentary graphics and printable materials for this great event. We enjoy being philanthropic like that. Email me and lets get this going forward.

  7. What a treat! Snapshots was absolutely fantastic. Every piece was written by a genius, directed by wunderkind and performed by masters of the craft. I think I was first on my feet for the well deserved standing ovation on opening night. GREAT cause, GREAT show. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  8. Lois says:

    So looking forward to the show on 8/1/15 It rocked last year and I expect the same this year!! You go Guys and thank you.

  9. This will be the best show ever. Amazing writing and solid acting . Can t be beat. Come one come all and have a great time

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